Bailiwick News – June 29, 2018

Spring Creek Watershed Action Plan Updates – 6.29.18 Bailiwick News (PDF)


Bailiwick News – May 21, 2018

SCBWA May 17 easement vote, UAJA financial/legal liability for public water contamination, and the power to make things better. – 5.21.18 Bailiwick News (PDF)

Continuation from 5.1.18 Bailiwick News and 5.7.18 Bailiwick News

Figure 1 – Provided by Penn State, June 22, 2017 Press Release. Red = 46 acres. Blue = 60 acres. Green = 100 acres. Yellow = 402 acres: (237 acres north of Rt. 45, 165 acres south of Rt. 45)

Sunk Cost Fallacy

Update 5/21/18 –

Content has been folded into May 21 Bailiwick News: 5.21.18 Bailiwick News.

Source documents below.

Three risk assessments

Three DEP Sewage Planning Module documents from 2015


Disciplinary Board hearing update

I attended the Office of Disciplinary Counsel hearing regarding former District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller’s violations of Rules of Professional Conduct and potential sanctions. See 4.20.18 Bailiwick News for more detail.

I’m working on a full report. In the meantime, briefly, at the start of the hearing, the chair of the three-person hearing panel informed the room that, whatever the hearing panel decides is a recommendation only, made to the full Disciplinary Board.

The full Disciplinary Board reviews the record and then makes its own recommendation to the Chief Justice of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. The D-Board can accept, reject, increase, or decrease the penalties recommended by the hearing panel.

The Chief Justice then passes the recommendations on to the full state Supreme Court, which again, can accept, reject, increase, or decrease the penalties recommended by the Disciplinary Board.

At the close of the hearing, the panel chair directed the parties – Disciplinary Counsel Anthony Czuchnicki and Respondent’s attorney, James Kutz – to file briefs after they receive transcripts of yesterday’s 6-hour hearing.

So, months of procedural hoops lie ahead.