Other KW Writing

Centre Daily Times

Editorials and letters-to-the-editor by Katherine Watt, published since 2009 in the Centre Daily Times. Primary topics have been local food, energy and governance developments during the early transition to a low-carbon economy. During these years, I worked with Transition Town State College, coordinated the Sustainable Centre County series in the CDT, and in 2011, founded Spring Creek Homesteading Fund to focus on the reskilling aspect of the Transition Town movement.

Steady State College

Published from September 2013 to September 2014, Steady State Collegewas a print broadsheet (12″ by 18″) focused mostly on Penn State’s energy strategic planning in the aftermath of the Columbia Gas pipeline fight, with some coverage of developments in the local food economy. Burnout prompted me to take a short break and then begin contributing to Voices of Central Pennsylvania.

The original large-format editions of Steady State College have been converted to standard 8/5″ x 11″ PDFs for easier printing.

Voices of Central Pennsylvania

I contributed monthly columns to Voices of Central Pennsylvania starting in late fall 2014, and subsequently helped edit the paper, signing on to the managing editor position starting in July 2015. Within a few weeks, I learned that the organization had no money to continue publishing and the board of directors had no plans for raising funds. The last edition published was the September 2015 edition. The collapse of Voicesprompted me to incorporate KW Investigations LLC in January 2016 and launch Bailiwick News in September 2016.

Bailiwick News Underground

After the first year of publishing in-depth investigative pieces from September 2016 to June 2017, I took a short break over the summer and attempted to start the second year in Fall 2017. Other work and personal commitments made it difficult to invest the necessary time in attending public meetings, collecting and reading source documents, and writing. So I decided to try my hand at political satire, parody and allegory. More of these sorts of pieces will be published as the mood strikes.


Press releases, campaign updates and other pieces I’ve written for citizen campaigns.